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SDSN18 Continuous syringe I-type

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The Ruhr-Lock Adapter’s continuous syringe is a cutting-edge item created specifically for injection in animals. The syringe uses a design where the top is inserted into the medicine container, making the drug injection process more practical and effective. To ensure durability and a long life, this continuous syringe is made using premium materials. The device’s top features an insertion port that makes it simple for the user to insert the medicine bottle. This design guarantees a solid bond and seal between the medication container and the syringe, minimizing the frequent issue of medication leakage and waste in conventional syringes and assuring correct medication administration.

  • Material: Nylon
  • Description: Ruhr- lock adaptor.
  • Sterilizable: -30℃-130℃
  • Specification: 0.02ml-1ml continuous and adjustable-1ml 0.1ml-2ml continuous and adjustable-2ml 0.2ml-5ml continuous and adjustable-5ml
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    With the Ruhr-Lock Adapter continuous syringe, injection is incredibly easy. Place the injectable dose as necessary and merely slide the pharmaceutical bottle into the top insertion port. The syringe has a distinct scale line, which makes it simple for the user to precisely manage the drug injection volume. The syringe's working lever was thoughtfully created to be simple to use and flexible, resulting in a comfortable and smooth injection. The continuous syringe with Ruhr-Lock Adapter also offers an adjustable injection capacity to accommodate various medications and animal species. The syringe can be modified to meet the requirements of different usage scenarios, whether they occur in a veterinarian clinic or an animal farm. The continuous syringe is also simple to clean and sanitize.

    The syringe's design makes it simple to disassemble, clean completely, and sterilize using a single cleaning procedure. Syringes should be regularly disinfected to prevent cross-infection and to maintain the safety and hygiene of the injection procedure. The continuous syringe from the Ruhr-Lock Adapter is, all in all, a practical and helpful item. medicine injection is more practical and effective thanks to its top-insert medicine bottle design. 


    The injection procedure is improved by its customizable injection volume and accurate scale marks. This syringe is perfect for both veterinarians and pet owners due to its longevity and ease of cleaning. The continuous syringes made by Ruhr-Lock Adapter can serve good purposes in veterinary offices and animal farms alike, offering quick and easy options for administering injections to animals.

    Packing: Each piece with middle box,100 pieces with export carton.

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