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SDSN04 5ml Plastic Steel Veterinary Syringe Without/With Dose Nut

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Plastic Steel Veterinary Syringe is a syringe specially designed for animal injections. It is made of plastic steel and has many unique features and advantages. First of all, the main body of the syringe is made of high-quality plastic steel material, which has excellent corrosion resistance and wear resistance, which can effectively prevent the drug from corroding the syringe and prolong the service life of the product. Secondly, the syringe adopts a plunger made of rigid material, which ensures the stability and reliability of the syringe during use.

  • Color: Barrel TPX or PC is available
  • Material: Color of plastic piston,cover and handle are
  • Description: Ruhr-lock adapter  
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    The design of the plunger makes the flow of the liquid medicine in the syringe smoother and reduces the resistance, thus making the injection operation smoother. In addition, the syringe is equipped with an adjustable injection dose selector, which enables the operator to select exactly the desired dose and ensures the accuracy and precision of the injection process. The injection dose selector is easy to operate and can meet the injection needs of different animals. The syringe also has a unique anti-drip design, which can effectively prevent the liquid medicine from spilling or dripping, and keep the injection clean and hygienic. This design is very important to reduce the waste and contamination of drugs, as well as to protect the safety of animals and operators. It is worth mentioning that this syringe also has the feature of reusability. It can be reused many times through easy disassembly and cleaning, which reduces the cost of use and is environmentally friendly. Finally, the syringe is easy to operate, and its humanized design makes it more convenient to use. 


    The grip part of the syringe adopts a non-slip design to ensure the user's stability and comfort during the injection process. Overall, Plastic Steel Veterinary Syringe is a high-quality syringe, which is corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, stable and reliable, and can meet the needs of animal injections. Its multiple designs and features are aimed at improving the accuracy and safety of injections, providing veterinarians and animal breeders with an efficient, convenient and reliable injection solution.
    Sterilizable : -30°C-120°C
    Package:Each piece with middle box,100 pieces with export carton.

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